• Prue Mason Through My Eyes series: Zafir Written by Prue Mason

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  • Prue Mason New book launched Written by Prue Mason

    A busy week in Melbourne launching Zafir, the final book in the Through My Eyes series edited by Lyn White and published by Allen and Unwin

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  • Prue Mason NEW BOOK COMING! Written by Prue Mason


    Due in March 2015 with the series THROUGH MY EYES about children in modern day war zones

    THis is a story about Zafir. He loves skateboarding, playing football and lives in Syria in 2011 and finds himself caught up in a war he doesn't understand.

    Published by Allen and Unwin.


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  • Prue Mason First Birthday Launch for ‘Birdie in the Sky’. Opera in the Hangar party. Written by Prue Mason

    First Birthday Launch for ‘Birdie in the Sky’. Opera in the Hangar party.

    Last year in 2011 when Birdie, the girl pilot books hit the shelves I was busy so the day, the week, the month passed me by. Now a year on Birdie in the Sky has been made a Notable Book by the CBCA and I think she deserves a party. What better place than in a hangar where the real Peggy Belle is kept? And what better day for anyone who loves aeroplanes and flying than June 9th, the day the ‘Southern Cross’, flown by two Aussies, Charles Kingsford-Smith and Charles Ulm, landed in Brisbane after their record-setting flight across the Pacific.

    In 1928 no one had ever strapped an aeroplane onto themselves in America and flown all the way to Australia. These days it takes 13 hours - time to have dinner, watch a movie, try to sleep, maybe eat some breakfast - and then the captain is telling you to ‘fasten your seatbelts as we’re about to land’. In 1928 it took over a week with two stops but the main reason no one had done it was because it was dangerous. The intrepid crew of The Southern Cross had many frightening times on the trip but the worst was when they flew through a terrible storm where the wind was howling and the pelting rain was swirling, throwing the plane sideways and up and down. That went on for hours and hours as Smithy, drenched and freezing, in the open cockpit, fought the controls to keep the Southern Cross upright and flying. The radio operator sent out Morse code signals describing the battle and the ABC radio picked it up in Australia and broadcast it so that everyone was listening in to the story of the brave airmen, praying they would survive.  When they finally landed at Eagle Farm airfield thousands of people welcomed them and there were big celebrations that night. Telegrams of congratulations were sent from all around the world. The Aussie airmen were heroes!

    Birdie, the girl pilot, has her own adventures in her aeroplane, Peggy Belle, that are equally amazing so now it’s time to celebrate!!


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  • Prue Mason HELLO AND WELCOME! Written by Prue Mason

    Salaam aleiykum! Hello! If you enjoyed Adam and Walid’s adventures in Camel Rider I have a new book out with Penguin called Destination Abudai. This time Adam and Walid help their new mate, Jaz settle into Abudai. Jaz is from Australia and he comes to live in Abudai when he discovers his real dad is a rich Arabic Prince. Not all his family are that thrilled to have him there, especially his nasty cousin, Tariq. When Noora, Jaz’s new sister, tells Jaz her suspicions about Tariq Jaz gets caught up in a deadly situation...

    Camel Rider cover Destination Abudai cover


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Sheldon College art work PDF Print E-mail
Written by Prue Mason   
Tuesday, 21 August 2012 06:50

A big thank you to the students at Sheldon College for their terrific artworkLaughingphotophoto1

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